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Everyone's talking way too much...

I saw your body wave I tell ya, i saw it
Your colors shining through blending with each other in strips of warm
In stripes of lonliness.
I saw you move across the floor coyly in my direction
Then you turned the other way
I saw the way you gawked at the one thing that you were afraid to do
Show affection for
Feel for
And want for to love.
I'm telling you I saw these things
But you didn't notice them
That makes them not there
That makes me feel disgusting and sick and trifled by and by and by and by
And through you I feel what I thought I'd never like
Adn through you I feel what i thought i'd never ever like.
And through you I feel slow and drained
And with you I feel high
And through you I feel higher
And trhough me you move like honey
All slow and shit
All fast and then slow and shit
So I strech myself across like a bridge and I pull you to the edge
You move like honey, in my dream last night.
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