Courtney Hohimer (kaugomu) wrote in not_plagiarism,
Courtney Hohimer

So um

The college I attend is holding a poetry and short fiction contest. I would really like to enter. Problem is that all winners must attend a 2 hour writing workshop on Friday April 18th, and I was hoping to go to Texas (to see my boyfriend) for easter and leave Thursday night to do so. Thus creating a problem if by some chance I should become a finalist. Not to mention that I don't know what to enter. I have to ask if you can enter both contests, or if you can only submit Fiction or Poetry. My writing journal is kourtney_kline and it houses most of my better stuff and almost all of my recent stuff. If anyone wants to offer opinions on what they think I should enter, please do so.
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I'm not even a member. But you should definitely enter the contest. Your boyfriend will understand. Besides, pursue your passion!