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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

12:35AM - Everyone's talking way too much...

I saw your body wave I tell ya, i saw it
Your colors shining through blending with each other in strips of warm
In stripes of lonliness.
I saw you move across the floor coyly in my direction
Then you turned the other way
I saw the way you gawked at the one thing that you were afraid to do
Show affection for
Feel for
And want for to love.
I'm telling you I saw these things
But you didn't notice them
That makes them not there
That makes me feel disgusting and sick and trifled by and by and by and by
And through you I feel what I thought I'd never like
Adn through you I feel what i thought i'd never ever like.
And through you I feel slow and drained
And with you I feel high
And through you I feel higher
And trhough me you move like honey
All slow and shit
All fast and then slow and shit
So I strech myself across like a bridge and I pull you to the edge
You move like honey, in my dream last night.

Current mood: numb

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Sunday, February 2, 2003

11:44AM - So um

The college I attend is holding a poetry and short fiction contest. I would really like to enter. Problem is that all winners must attend a 2 hour writing workshop on Friday April 18th, and I was hoping to go to Texas (to see my boyfriend) for easter and leave Thursday night to do so. Thus creating a problem if by some chance I should become a finalist. Not to mention that I don't know what to enter. I have to ask if you can enter both contests, or if you can only submit Fiction or Poetry. My writing journal is kourtney_kline and it houses most of my better stuff and almost all of my recent stuff. If anyone wants to offer opinions on what they think I should enter, please do so.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2002

10:14PM - Homework

Can domeone please read this and tell me if it follows the iambic pentameter foot required of traditional english sonettes? I have a hard time catching the accents making sure that I've placed them right and stuff.
Denny'sCollapse )

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Wednesday, October 2, 2002

9:56PM - Creative Writing poem #4

Emotional Migraine

sided, like a Mack
truck in my soul.
The blaring headlights
make my vision white.
clang against my
heart strings. Ringing
in my temples. The pills
do nothing, they aren't
strong enough. Doctor,
Doctor, make me better. Make
me human. Rather than this beast
I have become. The sightlessness
oozes deeper. A numbing
pain, overwhelms.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

12:18AM - Creative Wrting assignment poem #3

Tuesdays with you
Bumped into you today.
Been years since graduation,
much longer since diapers.
Didn't seem to mater that we grew up together,
Things were just as awkward
as if we hardly knew each other.
I'll show you mine and you show me yours,
now meant pictures of the kids.
Tuesdays after school at each other's houses
mere figments of a long ago past.
The different roads we took.
The dreams long forgotten,
never aspired to.
You graduated, and started a family.
It wasn't on purpose though.
I went to school, got a degree.
Now we are both at home with the kids.
One of us is much happier however.
We grew up together,
on Tuesdays anyway.

Current mood: artistic

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Friday, August 23, 2002


light of the sky
sinks into the sea,
the great trees
are swallowed by shadow
and the fae emerge,
shimmering wings
brush your face
as stars begin to dance,
they sing to you
and re-clothe you
and place a crystal crown
upon your head.

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Monday, August 12, 2002

1:35PM - Oceans (I dont know *where* my unconcious gets these)

windswept waves cross the horizon
flotsam carried across distant seas
driftwood lost amongst the breaks

a million dreams lost and forgotten
a thousand hearts broken on the rocks
uncounted hopes try to stay afloat

breezes calm and current stills
for a moment peace returns
make your way to happy shores

in the darkest depths below
shadow steals the days last light
forlorn souls are still... forgotten

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Tuesday, August 6, 2002

8:11AM - sad

invisible, forgotten
long road walked alone
weary heart grown cold

tired, lonely
steps to life's dance forgotten
lies down to sleep forever

he will die as he has lived
unwanted... unneeded... and unloved

That is not about me,but it is a poem that has danced around my head for years. Finally wanted to get it out and gone.... its depressing.

Current mood: artistic

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Friday, July 26, 2002

1:32PM - consider (does it suck?)

consider the life of a man
look at his heart
cold winds blow through a tired soul

ponder the beauty of dawn
soft glow pierces night
shards of light shatter darkness hold

beauty he does not see
another day to run this race
peaceful night to hurried day

stare at the starry sky
a million diamonds tell stories
ageless wonder shining forth

above he does not look
sleeps at night for work's at dawn
finds no wonder in the skies

let us not be this man
timeless beauty all around
in awe we stand, amazed

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002


Cross posted:

I'm going to buy like, a blank book and I want to send it to random people to draw in it and write in it and just have it sent all over the place, then get it back when it's full. Is anyone interested? If so, email your mailing address to me @ orpheusmac@hotmail.com

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Friday, July 19, 2002

3:47PM - haiku

A summer mountain-
I've grown to touch the sky, but
I'm alone and cold

Inspired by:

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

7:15AM - words

a thousand dreams cannot keep pace
a million words unite
two hearts grown distant

loves fire takes a long while to die
longing saps weary strength
destiny unwound

hope hangs on to memories past
true love begs second chance
fleeting glimpses seen


tomorrow is a dream that has been forgotten

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Friday, July 12, 2002

5:39PM - *something i wrote today*


I look at you as you look at me,
Things aren't the same as they used to be.
You say you don't care, you say you're fed up,
And all the while I'm saying, "Keep your head up."
But my words, they fall upon a pair of deaf ears,
Your sadness makes you say things that bring me to tears.
But you don't seem to care that my heart is breaking,
and you're oblivious to the toll that this is taking.
I stand here before you, with arms open wide,
With much understanding and a swallowed pride.
I try to get it through to you that I'll always be there,
that I love you, I need you, and I'm always gonna care.
But for some odd reason, this means nothing at all.
You push me further away the faster you fall.
Why not take the hand of someone trying to help out?
Do you think the way to talk is to scream and shout?
A fight need not be started to get things off your mind,
No matter what I'm doing, I'll always find the time.
But its obvious to me that I mean nothing more to you,
That I'm a boring, uncharming psycho. What am I to do?
All I have done is love you, all I have done is care.
For you to think this way of me is incredibly unfair.
Never once have I meant to hurt you, or make you feel this way,
Now you despise me. Why? I thought I'd never see this day.
My silence makes you angry, my affection overwhelms you,
This is me, this is how I am, I don't know what else to tell you.
I feel so weak because through all of this, I cannot let you go.
I want to be here for you, its because I love you so.
Maybe someday you'll see things differently, I'll be beautiful in your eyes.
You'll accept me, we'll be happy, and I'll be someone you don't despise.
And maybe someday, my tears will be worth all this shittiness inside,
Maybe you'll love me, maybe you'll care, and within me you'll confide.

July 12th, 2002

Current mood: distressed

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Monday, July 1, 2002

9:57AM - Poetry Submission Deadline... uh... TODAY... Eep.

I need fast opinions. Which poems do you like best? Give me your top five choices.

AccostedCollapse )

TrustCollapse )

Nature PoemCollapse )

He Likes Older WomenCollapse )

MischiefCollapse )

Sunday 2:45 PMCollapse )

Bukowski's Bloody Piano FingersCollapse )

AbstinenceCollapse )

MailCollapse )

Venti Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Latte, PleaseCollapse )

Not that it's not been said before, but,Collapse )

Barnes and Noble Tuesday PM AmateursCollapse )

So Mildred said to me...Collapse )

New Spot-Be-Gone Takes Away All Your Worries With One Wipe!Collapse )

InterludeCollapse )

Gracias DiosCollapse )

Truth, Thy Sport is SumoCollapse )

Ex-what?Collapse )

You Could Call This LoveCollapse )

Rock ShowCollapse )

Just a Little Romantic Bravado, Don't Mind MeCollapse )

What Feelings of Resentment Abide?Collapse )

On the Matter of Being Bored Enough...Collapse )

PenanceCollapse )

and the last one, Love Letters from my Roman CompatriotCollapse )

That is all... Thanks for the feed back everyone!

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Sunday, June 30, 2002


My apologies;

I'm not a gimmicky girl, I'm just... flat... desperate. I'm well aware of student loans, but because of a very recent and discouraging financial disaster with the previously expected source of income for this particular payment, I'm left without options. It was the urgency of the financial deadline that prompted me to, basically, grovel, and I apologize for offending those with particular sensitivities to the dark truth that our world is full of people who just don't get a fucking break, people for whom life is insistent upon kicking while they're down.

I was merely attempting to put a shot in the dark that the kindness of strangers (a foreign and obviously fictional concept) might prevail. Once again, I'm sorry for any offense I've caused.

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Thursday, June 20, 2002

10:35PM - moon room

[written: 6.16.02]

My thighs are thicker now, after the long winter,
Locked inside of my own mind, and I struggle.
Taking yet another pill to be a good little girl,
I do as I'm told, losing one more piece of my soul.
Reliant on no one, I support you all indefinitely,
Slap my hands to prevent the touch of silver cold.
You love me without condition, and my inside is dark,
I wait with patience for you to grow sick and tired.
Sick and tired is my notion of self,
As I look on for the moon room to shine.

Current mood: awake

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

8:21AM - Christmas poem ( i know its June, pardon me) *grin*

one winters night
cold winds blow
sorrow lies on hearts of men

one child born
cries ring through night
unlikely savior

north wind blows
one greater than creation
helpless in a manger

beauty of the night
sighing of the leaves
love of the Father
gift of the Son

filled with love
destined to die
for now a babe
rests in mothers arms

Current mood: reverent

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Sunday, June 16, 2002


i shared my thoughts
you looked away
rain drops in your eyes
pouring down outside

raw emotion like puddles
splashed all over you
bitter-sweet sugar coat
strip away your insecurities
won't you stay for awhile

take a back seat only to
my dreams and free spirit
instantly make or break
everything i hoped for...

Current mood: calm

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Saturday, June 15, 2002


back at ya
every broken promise
sits upon the dusty shelf
in my heart just waiting

every shattered dream
gets swept nonchalantly
underneath the rug

every phony smile
is stacked up neatly
in my garbage can

every girl you ever
told that you loved
has learned her lesson

every time you want me back
i'll remember what happened
and do the same to you....</big>

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Friday, June 14, 2002

11:15PM - girl grows up

so i went on thinking i was invisible to you, only to find out my whole system of beliefs was wrong. i doubted my ability to affect others, and thus doubted myself. you always told me i was beautiful, and though i didn't know it at the time-i was.

you still loved me when i said "i hate you forever and never want to see you again". you still believed in me when everyone else, including myself, had given up hope. you still wanted to be with me when i looked like "something that even the cat wouldn't drag in". you still hugged me when i insisted that "everything was fine" even though you knew it clearly wasn't.

secretly, i didn't wanna admit that i was falling for you. or maybe i just didn't wanna fall for you in the first place. either way- it happened, and now i wouldn't go back for the world.

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